Old Age Home

Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram (Old Age Home), New Delhi, India

Guru Vishram Virdh Ashram in Delhi runs an old age home for elderly destitute suffering from disorders such as Alzheimer. Most of the Ashram’s inmates are people abandoned on the roadside by their poor families who are unable to take care of them. Such people usually do not even remember where they have come from. The number of abandoned destitute have been increasing day by day in places like Delhi. Factors playing a major role in increasing this number are Globalization, decreasing family values, nuclear families and other socio-economic factors.
There are many old age homes functioning in India that are either paid homes or they admit only those old persons who can care for themselves, and are mentally and physically fit. The Ashram has taken the initiative to serve bedridden and mentally upset aged persons suffering from disorders like Alzheimer.
Since the provision of funds, a Vision2020 member from Delhi had visited the Ashram and reported that the groundbreaking ceremony was held in Dec 2011 and the construction is about to start.
Vision2020 provided $15000 donation in June 2011 to Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram for starting the construction of a new building at Garhmukteshwar (a small town close to New Delhi) for housing the increasing number of destitute people.
Visit the Ashram web site for more details

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