Muscular Dystrophy Association, India

Finding solace and support for families of children with muscular dystrophy to lead a happy life.
MDA runs a school for children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Children with this condition are born normally but their muscles become weaker and are invariably wheelchair-bound by the time they get to about 10 years of age.
MDA sought help for making specifically designed multi-purpose wheelchairs which a child can use as a mode of transport to and from home to school as well as for remaining seated in that seat while at school. The wheelchair is suitable for going to the toilet. This wheelchair seat also has detachable writing pads for use at school. This versatile facility minimises the need for lifting heavy children in and out of the chair several times a day. This is a real boon for many poor parents who develop back problems as a consequence of lifting heavy children; this extends their working life and their earning capabilities.
Vision2020 bought wheelchairs to the value of $10805 and handed over to MDA in 2010. The facility was visited by a number of Vision2020 members in 2010 and 2011 and they are fully satisfied with the use of our donation and the difference it has been making to the lives of many children as well as to the health of their poor parents.

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